By: Prince Bahati, East-Central Africa Division, and Adventist Review, courtesy Adventist Review

As the Total Member Involvement (TMI) initiative catches the fire of the Holy Spirit in the East-Central Africa Division, church members are getting more and more inspired for mission. At the Nairobi Central Adventist Church, the members concluded that only Christ’s method will rescue the perishing world around them. With this conviction, the church members organized a wholistic evangelistic campaign in the county of Siaya, which yielded 273 baptisms.

Senior pastor Jean Pierre Maiywa-Massai said that his church members decided to try active evangelism by combining the word of God with compassion ministry. This, he said, called for mingling with the community. After choosing the county of Siaya, they dispatched a commission that went and assessed the needs of the people there. With their report in hand, the church had an informed planning session.

Prior to inviting people to events, church members became involved in the community. Each one, according to their talents or profession, had to tackle a need. One woman trained villagers in how to grow vegetables. She brought a full set of equipment, including water tanks and irrigation hoses. With the local people she was doing experiments in planting, and the beneficiaries were impressed and ready to apply the methods for their future sustenance.

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