The Urban Top 10

Did you know that 7 of the world's largest urban metropolitan areas are in the 10/40 Window? That area, stretching from northern Africa into the Middle East and Asia, is home to 6.5 out of 10 people on the planet, but only 1.5 out of 10 Adventists are in that same window. We have work to do!

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Reach the World

"Reach the World" is the Seventh-day Adventist Church's voted strategic plan for the 2015 - 2020 quinquennium. "Reach the World" has various initiatives which aim to help church members REACH UP, REACH ACROSS, and REACH OUT. Mission to the Cities, along with Total Member Involvement and Comprehensive Health Ministry come under the category of REACH OUT. Other initiatives within the Reach the Word strategic plan include Believe His Prophets, United in Prayer, and Revival and Reformation. The strategic plan is available here for those who wish to understand more deeply.

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The President and the Prophet: He thought he knew what she meant.

by Merle Poirier

This 2020 article takes a fascinating look at Ellen White's response to A.G. Daniells, a General Conference president who thought he was working on behalf of the cities, but who was slow to realize how much she intended should be done.

Poirier recounts, "Daniels travelled to Ellen White's home at Elmshaven, hoping to surprise her with the news of his plans for city evangelism. But when he arrived, he was stopped at the door. The prophet declined to see him, sending a message instead: When he, the General Conference president, was ready to carry out the work that needed to be done, she'd talk to him."

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Mudança para a cidade

Por Wendel Lima, editor associado da Revista Adventista

De origem rural e norte-americana no século 19, hoje a Igreja Adventista precisa falar (e ser ouvida) no cenário urbano do século 21. 2019.

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Urban Ministry in the Book of Daniel: A Babylonian Model

courtesy Ministry Magazine

Four questions are addressed in this 2019 examination of urban ministry as seen the book of Daniel:

  1. Who will minister to the King Nebuchadnezzar thought leaders of our day?
  2. Who will speak for God to the teeming millions of contemporary Babylon city dwellers?
  3. How successful can urban ministry in Babylon really be?
  4. Can principles from yesterday’s Babylonian city apply to urban mission in these last days?

Bonus material offers seven principles of urban ministry, as seen in Daniel chapters 1-7.

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By Any Means Necessary: An Urban Ministry Interview with Pastor E. Douglas Venn

by Jeffrey O. Brown

Are we reaching the cities? How do we know? Should we be focusing on cities or rural areas? Is it too dangerous for workers to live in cities? These questions and more are taken up in this 2018 interview with E. Douglas Venn, director of Global Mission's Urban Center at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

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