Meet the Cities

with Gerson Santos, former director of the Global Mission Urban Center

This 2014 introduction to Mission to the Cities will take you quick trip to some of the world's largest urban areas--Lagos, Prague, Mexico City, Kinshasa, Moscow, Kiev, Luanda, Sydney, Buenos Aires, London, and Mumbai.

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NY 13: Mission to the Cities

with Pastors Ted Wilson, Jerry Page and Gerson Santos

The NY13 initiative focused attention and effort on reaching the population of iconic New York City. It included a program called "One Year in Mission," which brought youth from fourteen regions of the world to learn how to do urban evangelism, and then sent them back to work in the major cities of their home countries.

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Comprehensive Urban Evangelism

with Ted Wilson, Mark Finley, Mike Ryan, Gary Krause, and Jerry Page

The importance of "comprehensive urban evangelism" is discussed in this 2011 presentation, and divisions, conferences, unions, churches, and members are invited to pray and participate.

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Inner City Ministries

with Gary Krause and Mike Ryan, Sung Kwon and Andrew Clark

The Conscious Cafe, an urban center of ministry in Pittsburgh, is profiled in this 2011 report. The ministry reaches the hearts of inner-city young people who meet regularly in its "Upper Room." Its staff model what it means to follow Christ's method of mingling, showing sympathy, ministering to needs, winning confidence, and inviting people to follow Him. Its programs are so life changing that it is supported financially by non-Adventist churches in the city.

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Hope for Jakarta - Hope for Big Cities

with Mike Ryan

In 2009, the Hope for Big Cities initiative was already in motion. Mike Ryan visited Jakarta, and presented this report of how members there used small groups as a way of reaching neighbors in that massive city.

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with Mike Ryan and Gary Krause

This 2008 clip emphasizes the importance of turning the attention of the world church to the challenge of reaching the great cities, as laid out in the Tell the World strategic plan for 2005 - 2010.

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