Toward a Theological Basis for Urban Ministry

by R. Clifford Jones, courtesy Ministry magazine

Jesus did not flee places bulging with people, but sought them out so He could preach the good news, teach them, and address their felt needs. Incarnating and modeling what the church should be a symbol of the kingdom and its agent in the world Christ went about ministering in peopled contexts and speaking to "urban" issues

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This World Is not My Home--or Is It? Urban Ministry and the Crisis of City Housing

by Christopher C. Thompson, DMin, courtesy Ministry Magazine

The most urgent cry of many in the city is not for a home in heaven—but for a house on earth.

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"It's Time!"

By Ted N.C. Wilson, courtesy Adventist Review

It’s time to diligently seek God and His plans for reaching the millions in the urban centers of the world. It’s time to spend focused attention together, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, planning soul winning strategy for the large cities of this globe.

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In Sermon, in Demonstration, Seventh-day Adventists Urged Toward Urban Ministry

By Mark A. Kellner, News Editor, courtesy Adventist Review

“It’s time to move forward. It’s time to reach the millions living in the great cities of this world,” said Pastor Ted N.C. Wilson, General Conference president, in a Sabbath morning message about the need to do the “work of Enoch” in reaching metropolitan areas.

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"Enter Cities" for Mission, Ng Urges at Urban Mission Conference

by Mark A. Kellner, News Editor, courtesy Adventist Review

“While Ellen G. White is emphatic about the evils of city living, she is equally emphatic about the critical need for urban missions.” G.T. Ng said in a plenary address to delegates at the movement's Urban Mission Conference. . .

Ng urged that the church needs to resolve its “love/hate” relationship with cities and with urban ministry. Many Seventh-day Adventists point to Ellen White statements about the perils of urban environments, but Ng reminded the audience of 200 leaders that White spent decades urging Adventist leadership and laity to enter urban areas in order to perform evangelistic work.

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Statistics Reveal Massive Adventist Missions Challenge, Leaders Say

By Mark A. Kellner, news editor, courtesy Adventist Review

Although the Seventh-day Adventist Church has reduced its ratio to world population from 1 in 360,000 at the movement’s founding to 1 in 396 today, massive outreach challenges remain in many countries of the Middle East, East and Southeast Asia, church officials were told Sept. 29, 2013, during the movement’s Urban Mission Conference ongoing at the Silver Spring, Maryland, headquarters.

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